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Welcome  to our website

Home of "Laughter Yoga on-the-Phone" TM

Gaga Barnes       Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher
                                     Life Coach & Laughter Yoga Ambassador

Khevin Barnes       Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher 


There are lots of Laughter Yoga trainings coming up with Laughter Yoga teacher/ambassador Gaga Barnes.  Check the "trainings page" for up-to-the-minute information.


Drop us a note if you would like to know more about Laughter Yoga or just to say hello.             


                    "Come and Share Some Laughter"

                                                             Words and music Khevin Barnes

       Please enjoy this L.Y. song with our compliments!

[ Feel free to use as you wish and share with others

and, oh yea....just mention where you got it!  Ha ha ha]


                 Laughter-yoga-on-the- phone

It  began with a simple idea to make Laughter Yoga available to everybody, and now our conference phone lines have been visited by thousands of folks from just about every state in the US and Canada.  It's a free service that has benefited people who are unable to attend a live laughter group, busy people, people stuck in traffic or waiting in airports, people on the go, people on the mend, the young, our seniors, and all those of us who need a daily reminder to laugh a little.  It's a great place for Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers to check in and add a few minutes of merriment.  

Visit our LY-on-the-phone page here for schedules!


        Are you in the mood for some fun videos?  We've got em'.  Check out our Laughter Yoga leader training sessions in Warsaw, Poland.
Laugh along with our seniors in California.

See the worlds only talking (laughing) Toucan in his comical salute to our founder, Dr. Madan Kataria


  Donations help us to reach others.  Thank you.

From all of us at Laughter Yoga USA!

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